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  1. Someone asked me why I was attending the ENGAGE: Innovation in Patient Engagement conference. To be honest, it was because the patient pod in Project HoneyBee’s HoneyComb model is the one I know the least about. I wanted to educate myself. I’ve been fortunate enough to only be a “tourist patient,” meaning regular annual check-ups, […]
  2. By Kerri Robinson It wasn’t the 30-degree temperature difference (105 in Phoenix vs. 75 in Rochester), the beautiful greenery of Minnesota, the incredible Mayo facilities, or the number of attendees (over 600) that most impressed me during Mayo Transform 2014; rather, it was the overwhelming , authentic desire to innovate that stood out most. The […]

  3. By Susan Williams “There are a lot of myths in the market today,” says Unity Stoakes, co-founder of StartUp Health, a leading global entrepreneurship program for health and wellness innovators. One of those myths is that there aren’t viable business models for designing products or services for underserved or vulnerable communities. As a result, the patients and the […]
  4. By Kerri Robinson “Don’t go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path . . . and leave a trail.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson Journeying into the great unknown is something I have always enjoyed. Something magical happens when scouting a new territory and forging a path for others to follow. […]

  5. Not long ago, Pew Research released Digital Life in 2025, which highlights 15 theses summarizing the conglomerate opinions of 2,558 experts on their predictions for the future of the Internet. Pew researchers synthesized diverse opinions into three categories—hopeful, concerned, and neutral. The consensus was that technology will become an ever-present and invisible global force—an “augmented […]
  6. It’s no secret that Microsoft’s Senior Director for Worldwide Health, Bill Crounse’s HealthBlog is pretty prolific (which is why his review of Project HoneyBee was especially exciting). In a recent post, Crounse explores the strengths and weaknesses of the health informatics industry and discusses what’s on the horizon. He often says “it’s what you do next […]

  7. “I think we need to think very nontraditionally about what our healthcare settings are; we can’t be bounded by the hospital, clinics and so forth.” -Dean Teri Pipe at the 2014  Forum for Sustainable Health Dean Teri Pipe of the College of Nursing & Health Innovation has been a dedicated partner and ardent supporter of […]
  8.     THE HONEYBEE CHRONICLES: PART FOUR An interview with Matt Buman, Assistant Professor in the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion, Arizona State University By Claire Topal, Senior Research Consultant, Center for Sustainable Health What motivated you to conduct this study? I’m very interested in behaviors that make up the full 24-hour spectrum. And […]

  9. By Claire Topal I never really thought much about whether it might be possible to get more and better sleep (beyond simply going to bed earlier and exercising more, or my son growing up, which I don’t want him to do too fast). Could biosensors actually help me do that? I’ve heard about biosensors that […]
  10. By Claire Topal I recently interviewed Jamie Heywood, Chairman of PatientsLikeMe, for our HoneyBee Chronicles about his views on biosensors and digital health. He’s known for walking the walk when it comes to patient empowerment and open access to data; his insights were inspiring and refreshingly big picture. Here’s what I learned: First, UX designers […]

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