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  1. The brown envelope arrived at my door just a few days after my call with Jon Cousins, founder of MoodNudges. Inside was a small sheet of paper with a hand-written note from Jon telling me that he had enjoyed our chat and hoped I found value in his company’s product, WellBee. The product itself was […]
  2. By Claire Topal If you’ve seen the movie Top Gun, you’ll know what I mean when I say that Heather Ross is the “Viper” of ASU’s DNP program. She takes the best of the best and makes them better. I interviewed her about three of her passions—the unique perspective of nurses; ensuring that innovative new […]

  3. When was the last time you were asked a question and someone fully listened to your answer? The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) asked, but more importantly, they listened. RWJF is doggedly working to build a Culture of Health. They understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer and that society cannot build a health culture without […]
  4.     THE HONEYBEE CHRONICLES: PART SIX A conversation with Heather Ross, Instructor, ASU College of Nursing and Health Innovation By Claire Topal, Senior Research Consultant, Center for Sustainable Health Heather Ross is a Clinical Instructor for ASU’s College of Nursing and Health Innovation. She is also pursuing her PhD in the Human and Social Dimensions […]

  5. Project HoneyBee is excited to announce our involvement at the 2014 mHealth Summit, which takes several forms. First, on December 10, Project HoneyBee will lead a highly interactive panel—“Validating Clinical Data to Reinvent Medicine”—to explore how health systems can leverage the promise of continuous physiological measurement to pinpoint the transition from health to disease in […]
  6. By Kevin Uchimura This is the second in a series of articles devoted to exploring the challenges behind benchmarking different devices and why it’s so important to the data validation process. Interoperability refers to a medical device’s ability to communicate and pass data to other devices or systems. When evaluating a new commercial device, the […]

  7. By Kevin Uchimura Kevin Uchimura has been working with Project HoneyBee to help develop a database of biosensors developed for the consumer-market. He completed his Masters in ASU’s Biomedical Engineering program in May 2013. He helps to manage a laboratory group developing the next generation of biosensors and his interests include new gadgets and creatively […]
  8. By Claire Topal Greg Downing knows about innovation. He knows about the hope, the aspirations, and the blood, sweat and tears behind it; the tragic disappointment of its failures; and the surprise and fear in response to its unintended consequences. How does he know this? Well, it’s his job as the Director of Innovation for […]

  9.     THE HONEYBEE CHRONICLES: PART FIVE An interview with Gregory Downing, Executive Director for Innovation, Immediate Office of the Secretary, United States Department of Health and Human Services By Claire Topal, Senior Research Consultant, Center for Sustainable Health What drives the health ecosystem of today? I think the most interesting way to look at […]
  10. Someone asked me why I was attending the ENGAGE: Innovation in Patient Engagement conference. To be honest, it was because the patient pod in Project HoneyBee’s HoneyComb model is the one I know the least about. I wanted to educate myself. I’ve been fortunate enough to only be a “tourist patient,” meaning regular annual check-ups, […]

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