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  1. The Phoenix heat makes bike riding difficult for a good portion of the year.  During summer, my bike lives on our patio, waiting to break free once the weather cools down.  This year, as summer was ending, I brought my bike to a local shop to get fixed.  After all, the Healthy Challenge was starting, […]
  2. My grandfather was a man of steel – that is, he retired from a steel mill and was invincible, at least to an eight-year-old boy who saw him as a mythical figure. He was raised bow hunting in the wooded hills of New York State; in his early 20s he drove a jeep during World […]

  3. Judging by the extensive recent news coverage, Diana Nyad’s successful attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida struck a chord for many people around the world. There were many strings that Diana Nyad plucked to sound that chord of public adulation. There was her age—64 years old—that certainly appealed to Baby Boomers everywhere looking for […]
  4. How to Sustain Health—the Simple, Affordable, Effective Way In May 1975, a team of Chinese climbers carried a 3-meter aluminum ladder up to the Second Step, a promontory less than 300 meters from Mount Everest’s summit of 8,848 meters. Long considered to be nearly impassable, the Second Step was the site of George Mallory’s death […]

  5. It all started with a story assignment. As a writer covering research at ASU, I’m constantly learning new things. Sometimes, that new knowledge causes me to make a change in my own life, and it happened recently in a big way. For my latest article, I was asked to explore the emerging trend of personal […]
  6. Most people expect their physicians to represent the pinnacle of health. After all, going to a physician who is obese or who smokes would be like going to an unhygienic chef or a flabby personal trainer. But the truth is physicians are only human, just like everyone else. So why don’t we always follow the […]

  7. I love Tokyo. I always have. My first trip to Tokyo was in 1975 with my wife, Debra. We landed at the old Haneda airport on a hot, sticky June afternoon during the rainy season the Japanese call tsuyu. Coming from Seattle, Washington the muggy heat hit us like a wall of warm, wet wool. […]
  8. Was the future of healthcare outlined on a 2500-year-old Greek Billboard? Healthcare in the United States is in a rut. Though our system is the most technologically advanced and heavily funded, we are losing ground in our attempt to stay healthy. The most worrisome of the looming burdens is the convergence of two key factors: […]

  9. Starting Slow, Staying Steady Behavior. Education. Technology. Three powerful words for how we can harness life in a healthier way. Modify your behaviors, educate yourself by seeking out accurate information, and utilize technologies to help you become successful. Behavior: A few more minutes of anything active What behavior changes will make the most positive impact? […]
  10. A Reluctant Patient Stan, a white, obese man in his early sixties, was concerned about his risk for heart disease. Or rather, his wife was concerned, and had convinced him to give our clinic a chance. He came straight from the office and as we walked down the brightly lit hallway, he exuded confidence with […]

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